13 Weirdest Transparent Animals You Should Know About

14 Weirdest Transparent Animals You Should Know About. The secret to the survival of many animals lies in their strength and size, while others depend on the ability to go unnoticed.

The Weirdest Transparent Animals

In our Blue Point of the planet live a large number of animal species , some of which are worthily strange and deserve a closer look. For example, transparent or translucent animals. How come these things are not from another planet? Their futuristic look is something akin to the camouflage technology from the movie «Predator» and makes them look like glass.

1. The transparent cucumber

Weirdest Transparent Animals

When we talk about cucumbers, this time we mean sea cucumbers, of course. Holothurians are a very prolific class in the seas, despite their apparent passivity. If these animals are already strange, the genus Enypniastes is even more so.

The Enypniastes live in deep seas and contrast many of his cousins have developed the ability to swim up and down , to filter the waters from which they feed. But, as if this weren’t enough, the Enypniastesthey are transparent, something that plays a lot in their favor in the middle of an ocean of everlasting darkness. Through their skin we can see the inside of their digestive tract, as well as the mouth and anus of this animal, especially when they are larvae.

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