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10 Tips for Managing Your Student Loan Debt

10 Tips for Managing Your Student Loan Debt. Does the debt of your college days seem overwhelming? You’re not alone: ​​US student loans exceed $ 1.5 trillion. That’s second only to the amount of the nation’s mortgage debt. Ironically, the burden of student loans makes it difficult for college graduates to buy a home.

Manage your student loan debt

Politicians are debating what to do about the problem, but in the meantime, single Americans can’t stick around to fix it. Developing a plan to manage your student loans is critical to your long-term financial health. We explore 10 steps to help you take control.

1. Calculate your total debt

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As with any type of debt, you must first understand how much you owe in total. Students, both sponsored by the federal government and the private sector, generally take out a lot of loans after organizing new funds each year while in school. So buckle up and do the math – you can’t develop a plan to pay it off, consolidate it, or perhaps explore forgiveness, just know your total debt.

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