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10 tips for hiring a website designer

Tips for hiring a website designer. If you have any business or are starting your business, hire the service of designing web pages , you will have been among the list of requirements for your business in order to grow and get more customers by offering your products and / or services online.

Best tips for hiring a website designer

We can also have the case that you already have a web page but it is not meeting your commercial objectives, either because it has become obsolete in terms of technology and design, or because it is not positioned correctly in search engines or simply because it is not enough attractive and fails to capture the attention of your visitors.

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When you contact the web design company, there are 10 aspects that you should keep in mind when hiring the web design service.

1. Well Defined Goals

The first and essential thing is that you have a clear objective of what you are looking for with your website , whether it is to position your brand, get new customers, publicize your products and / or services, sell your products online, etc.

Being clear about our objectives, you will be able to express your needs and they will be able to design a website according to your needs and expectations.

2. Content Manager

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A content manager is a tool used in web design for the creation and management of web pages .

It is very easy to use. Nowadays, it is the best option for the design of a web, since it will allow you in any case, to be able to update the web page yourself in a simple way. Examples of content manager: WordPress, Joomla and Prestashop.

3. Graphic design

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You should note that if the company that will be dedicated to designing and creating your website also offers a graphic design service , so it can offer you a website with a vision from the point of view of a graphic designer.

Remember that a well-defined graphic style helps make your website unique and therefore differentiate yourself from your competition.

4. Responsive Website

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Remember that it is very important that your website is designed so that it can be viewed correctly from a mobile device. You should always check if your website can be viewed without problem from a mobile.

5. Online store

Online store

Are you thinking of selling your products online? Take any e-commerce action? Will your website have an online store section? Before hiring the web design you must be clear about the objectives you expect with your website. If you only show your products and services that you offer, or on the contrary, you will carry out online sales actions and users will be able to purchase your products directly from your website.

It is important when hiring the web design service, to be clear if we will have an online store or not, so that the designer can better choose the platform and technology to use for the design of your website.

6. Personalized design

Personalized design

Make sure that the web page design is totally personalized, and adapted to the needs and objectives of your company

7. Positioning and web maintenance

Positioning and web maintenance

You must make sure if the final price of the design of your website includes or not the positioning and web maintenance .

Many clients believe that the price includes content optimization to improve search engine optimization and web maintenance (Content publication, keyword positioning, etc.); As a general rule, these types of services are usually separate from the design and are charged monthly.

8. Legal Notice and Cookies Policy

The Data Protection Law is a very important aspect to take into account today, especially if we are thinking of having a contact form on our website.

You must ensure that the company is capable of adapting the website with current legislation, taking into account sections such as «Legal Notice, Cookies Policy and Privacy Policies».

9. Hosting and Domain

Hosting and Domain

Hosting is the site where a website is hosted and the Domain refers to the name with which the user can access your website (

Most of the web design companies include the Hosting and the domain in the price, but there are others that charge it separately. You must make sure whether or not it is included in the price to avoid surprises on the bill.

10. Web security

Web security

As you may have heard from the news or social networks, computer attacks are the order of the day, and web pages are not free of them. It is important that your website meets minimum security requirements to avoid possible computer attacks.

If you are thinking of looking for a company for web page design, we recommend that you take into account the advice that we have wanted to provide, so that you do not have misunderstandings but above all so that you find professionals who meet your expectations and needs to help your website to grow and add value to your business.

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