The best stock market and trading simulators

best stock market and trading simulators. Once you have been trained through specialized courses and have been advised on how the financial and currency markets work, it is important to start practicing before seriously operating , risking your own capital. To do this, we will use one of the fundamental tools for traders: the stock and trading simulator.

A simulator is a software or application that allows us to learn and work by simulating on the stock market, in real time and using virtual money , since the operations are fictitious, therefore, we will not lose our money.

best stock market and trading simulators

In addition, with the simulator you will test if you really like this world, you will be able to put into practice and simulate what you have studied, you will be able to familiarize yourself and see how the graphs and data work, the gains and losses, see how you feel about those gains and losses, as well as studying and assessing what possible strategies can work better … and all this, without risking your capital, since it is operated through virtual money.

There are simulators that only allow access in real time and others in deferred, access through the mobile phone or from the PC, and others that allow both accesses. Also, there are some paid and others that are free, in English or Spanish. Even the majority of specialized trading applications have demo accounts (you can consult our post about the best platforms and applications here) that will allow you to do simulated trading and see how they work, and incidentally, they will help you see if you like it. the platform for future use.

trading simulators

Some of the best simulators (and demo accounts) of stock and trading are:

Naga provides a demo account with funds of $ 2,500 to test and trade on the platform from any device.

NinjaTrader has a free simulator to practice simulating automatic strategies, using data histories to analyze past performance.

The Virtual Stock Market is a free online trading simulator game, which allows you to study, through versatile tools, what the simulation of stock market operations is like.

Activotrade is a simulator in which users have a virtual € 100,000 at their disposal to manage in their securities portfolio. It has personalized support, courses and trader programs.

IG Spain has a simulator with virtual funds of € 20,000. The rest of the functions are similar, with charts and prices in real time to Activotrade. This platform can be consulted from mobile devices and the interface can be customized.

Tradertwit is a paid simulator, although its news section is very up-to-date and complete, with a very powerful training offer, a very attractive collaborative platform and numerous interactive analyzes. It has a program of challenges in phases, «The Challenge», to learn the stock market concepts to learn how to carry out operations.

Forex Tester is a simulator software that incorporates very accurate historical price data from the last 16 years, and allows you to perform operations like in the real world.

– Investopedia offers a stock investment simulator that allows you to learn the first steps to invest with virtual money. It has a simple and easy interface to work with.

Bolsia is a community to invest in the stock market through simulation, in which you learn to practice, without risking. It has more than 2,700 stock portfolios and stock exchange clubs, and a forum available from a community of investors to consult doubts.

Forest Game is a mobile application. It is a game that simulates in real time.

Once you have practiced through these simulators, mobile games or demo accounts (and we recommend that you do it a lot), and also start making profits with virtual money, it is time to try in the real world with an investment small, so as not to risk a lot and be able to gain experience, on the platform that you like the most.

Choosing one simulator or another depends on the platform you want to work with, with which you feel most comfortable and which best suits your needs and financial goals. Of course, we recommend you use the simulator for as long as you need, study and train with professionals. Not forgetting, a good network connection!

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