9 Surprising benefits of green tea that you should know

Surprising benefits of green tea that you should know. Green tea is similar with health and is thought because the drink of eternal youth because of its nice advantages and therefore the great deal of antioxidants and ponifenols it contains, these area unit the protagonists that build tea leaf AN aid to our body health, physical and mental.

Surprising benefits of green tea

This renowned drink helps United States of America fight the horrific free radicals, keeping our system healthy and robust. these days we tend to area unit exposed daily to free radicals that accelerate our aging and increase the chance of developing cancer and different serious diseases. The body naturally produces antioxidants, however it’s not enough for all the items to that we tend to area unit exposed, therefore complementary defenses area unit required and what higher than tea leaf, it’s AN exclusive, distinctive and really powerful drink if taken in an exceedingly manner correct.


benefits of green tea


Many studies have recommended that the p roperties of tea leaf facilitate to significantly lower the possibilities of getting cancer, because of the massive quantity of antioxidants it contains, this doesn’t mean that it’s AN antitumor, however that its regular and moderate consumption will facilitate stop the onset of cancer. Some analysis indicates that in places wherever tea leaf is eaten ofttimes, cancer rates area unit abundant below in places wherever it’s not taken frequently.

It is believed, since it’s not nevertheless clear why it causes this result, it’s going to flow from to the massive quantity of ponyphenols it contains, this substance facilitates stop the formation of free radicals that injury our healthy cells within the body and help United States of America to kill cancer cells and forestall their replica, over the other tea (almost almost like white tea).

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