8 Powerful Properties Of Walnuts You Should Know About

8 Powerful Properties Of Walnuts You Should Know About. Walnuts are one of the most complete foods in the world. Although it is true that many times we use them to give the final touch to our desserts, each time they are being taken into account for other types of recipes such as salads or meats.

Properties Of Walnuts

They are even among the healthy snacks preferred by athletes before training due to their energy supply and antioxidant power. On this occasion, we want you to know all the properties and benefits that make this food an essential complement to any balanced diet.

1. Important source of omega 3

Properties Of Walnuts

Like most dried fruits, walnuts and especially the Brazil nut, contain polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6, which act as healthy fats to help us lower our levels of bad LDL cholesterol, even in a higher proportion than oil made of olives.

In fact, just a 30 g portion of walnuts gives you 2.5 g of Omega 3. This represents more than twice the Omega 3 recommended daily for men and women. In addition, Omega 3 is also very important to prevent the appearance of diseases related to the joints and bones, such as arteriosclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis.

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