12 potty foods that relieve constipation

12 potty foods that relieve constipation. One of the main missions of plant foods is to supply the body with the amount of fiber and water that allows it to promote the transit of food through the intestinal tract and avoid constipation.

Potty foods that relieve constipation

One of the digestive disorders that occurs most frequently is constipation, and consists of the difficulty to evacuate the stool as a consequence, among other causes, of a diet deficient in fiber and water. For this reason, below we will describe the benefits of the 12 best foods that exist to promote your intestinal health and prevent symptoms such as constipation:

1. Papaya

benefits of papaya

Papaya, or milky, is one of the fruits that can help you the most in cases of chronic constipation (infrequent stools or difficulty in evacuating, manifested for several weeks or more).

Its nutritional composition helps you improve intestinal transit, since it provides between 1.7 and 1.9 grams of fiber for every 100 grams of edible fruit. And it is that this fruit also has papain , an enzyme of papaya that participates in the breakdown of protein amino acids in the digestive process.

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