10 Most expensive dog breeds in the world

10 most expensive dog breeds in the world you should know. The prices of the dogs vary according to the breed, the breeder and the exclusivity. There are many breeds of dogs that exist, each with specific characteristics that make our four-legged friends unique. Big, small, with little or a lot of fur, rescued and bought. With regard to prices there are some breeds with very high and exclusive prices.

1. Akita

most expensive dog

Who does not remember Hachiko, the Japanese dog that waited for its owner to die. This puppy was of the Akita breed, one of the most expensive breeds in the world. There are two types of Akita, the American and the Japanese like the famous Hachiko. And it is that fashion is a key element when establishing the price of a breed of dog.

It is also known by the name of Great Japanese Dog and is really very sweet and affectionate. He is an ideal playmate for children and is very protective of the family. One of these can cost internationally around 4,000 euros. In Ecuador its price ranges between $ 300 and $ 350 in commercial pages as a free market.

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