10 Most expensive cat breeds in the world

10 Most expensive cat breeds in the world. Many animal lovers are willing to scratch their pockets for a striking breed cat. These include exotic felines reminiscent of wild cats. Some very rare breeds like hybrids tend to be very expensive. Here we tell you which are the 10 most expensive cat breeds.

Most expensive cat breeds in the world

All lover of Cats adores their own pussycat and this is very precious to him. However, the rarer thebreed , the higher the price of this special mustache from a responsible breeder. Here are the 10 Most expensive cat breeds in the world.

1. Savannah

Most expensive cat breeds

With a length of up to 1.20 meters, the savannah is the largest recognized breed cat . It’s ahybrid cat resulting from the crossing of a wild African serval with a domestic cat. Due to its imposing size and striking coat, the savannah looks like a small house cheetah. However, the first generations of the cross bring with them a great deal of the original behavior of feral cats. Therefore, in many countries a special official permit is required for the keeping of wild animals.

Direct descendants of the first generation of a serval and a house cat are very expensive. But even a third or fourth generation savannah from a responsible breeder can cost several thousand euros. This wild beauty does not feel comfortable in a flat in the city. The best is asafe garden in which to vent.

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