10 Most dangerous dogs in the world you should know

10 Most dangerous dogs in the world you should know. A dog is considered dangerous when it has a tendency to attack people or other animals , causing serious physical injury, or even death.

Most dangerous dogs in the world

When a dog is classified as dangerous, there is an obligation to take a series of regulatory measures to ensure the safety of other people and animals. The dog will have to follow a series of controls and will have to go outside with a special muzzle and leash. Likewise, the owner of a dog classified as dangerous must comply with certain legal requirements.

1. Rottweiler

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The Rottweiler is considered one of the most dangerous breeds in the world. It is a great guard dog, very loyal to its owner. He is kind to the children in the family, but does not tolerate jokes, so you must be careful. He is not usually aggressive towards his family, but the Rottweiler is responsible for many attacks on strangers.

It is a dominant dog that does not distinguish between play and actual aggression, so what begins as a game can end in a bad experience with serious injuries. Also, if the attack occurs, the dog does not listen to reasons.

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