6 Incredible Household Vodka Utilities

6 Incredible Household Vodka Utilities. Vodka is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages today. Contains a high percentage of alcohol, up to 50% in some brands. Vodka can be distilled from any plant rich in starch or sugars, but most producers make vodka with cereals such as corn, rye, wheat. It is not a recently discovered drink, in fact, in the 12th century it was used as an anesthetic and disinfectant. Imagine this!

Household Vodka Utilities

Interestingly, nowadays vodka can also be used to help treat certain matters around the house, such as unpleasant odors and stains. So if you have some vodka at home, don’t use it all, make delicious cocktails! Save it to use around the house too! Here are some of the many amazing uses for vodka around the house!

1. Window Cleaning

Household Vodka Utilities

Have you noticed the strong smell of alcohol that comes from the window cleaning solution? Because it is high in alcohol, this window solution can easily be replaced with vodka! I bet you never thought of using your favorite cocktail base to clean the windows.

However, you should know what does a great job, many say that it is much better than the products designed for this! Now it is only up to you if you want to use your good quality vodka on the windows and mirrors, or prefer to have fun creating cocktails with it.

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