how to buy shares in bitcoin

how to buy shares in bitcoin. Investing in stocks related to bitcoin is an indirect opportunity to invest in bitcoin. Three of the world’s leading exchanges, Cboe, CME and Nasdaq, are launching bitcoin futures, which could change the landscape of the sector.

The best Bitcoin stocks to buy

The purchase of shares linked to Bitcoin is an investment that you can make through a CFD account (Contracts for Difference) with the secure platform eToro ( official website ), which allows you to invest without commissions.

buy shares with bitcoin


Samsung will start producing ASIC chips for Halong Mining’s Bitcoin miner, one of the most functional out there.

In addition, in recent days, some Samsung stores have begun to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method. These are the stores in Estonia (Tallinn), Latvia (Riga) and Lithuania (Vilnius and Kaunas). Being one of the companies that has always been at the forefront of the world of new technologies and taking into account the interest in Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Samsung shares could be the most interesting to buy today. makes an entire software suite built around customer management and the digital transformation of organizations.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff is convinced of the power of blockchain, which is why the company has rapidly rolled out new features to help clients use the technology in their operations.

Salesforce recently partnered with IBM to create so-called «COVID-19 passports,» which keep track of health and immunization records with the goal of reopening the economy. The data tracking platform was built using blockchain technology.

Facebook and Shopify

Facebook has been working on the development of a new cryptocurrency called Diem (formerly Libra) for some time.

Diem is conceived as a global payments platform and financial infrastructure accessible to all. The development of this cryptocurrency has had some setbacks also caused by skepticism from government regulators, as cryptocurrencies remain largely unregulated.

Shopify, for its part, allows merchants who use its platform to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

Together, Facebook and Shopify are poised to benefit from the eventual mass adoption of digital currencies.

AMD and Nvidia

AMD and NVIDIA are companies that produce chips used to mine bitcoin. These are companies that are worth investing in when there is new information on the market. In general, investors should focus on lesser known stocks.

Digital energy

Digital Power is a traditional manufacturer of power products and the company is clearly targeting cryptocurrencies. Shares flew when a rumor hit the market that Amazon had ordered a lot of hardware from this company. The rumor turned out to be false and the shares lost ground. This shows once again the need to be quick. is an online retailer that accepts bitcoin. It is entering the world of cryptocurrencies in a big way with its subsidiary tZERO.

Riot Blockchain

Riot Blockchain is a classic example of a company that has been completely transformed by focusing on blockchain technologies and investments. The former name of the company was Bioptix and it provided diagnostic equipment for the biotech industries.

The change came after the investment in Verady and today the company offers accounting and auditing services for blockchain-based assets.

Marathon Patent Group

Marathon Patent Group has acquired Global Bit Ventures, a bitcoin mining company.

Bitcoin Investment Trust

This investment fund focuses on the world’s first cryptocurrency, and is listed as an ETF.

Is it worth buying shares of companies linked to bitcoin?

buy shares with bitcoin

Without a doubt, this is another way to invest in the most famous and most capitalized cryptocurrency in the world.

The purchase of shares of companies linked to Bitcoin ensures diversification of investment, which is essential to protect your capital.

However, the choice must be made carefully, and it should be greater the greater the link between the company and crypto. Buy shares in bitcoin.

A final consideration is to choose only secure platforms to trade shares related to cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins, such as eToro ( official website ), which allows you to invest from 200 euros. eToro is one of the best brokers to invest in CFDs.

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