13 healthy foods to fight lung cancer


10 healthy foods to fight lung cancer. Through nutrition we can also fight cancer: we recommend a few so that you can add them to your diet. According to the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM), one in two men and one in three women will have cancer in their lifetime.

Healthy foods to fight lung cancer

Although this disease continues to be one of the great headaches for modern medicine, research on the relationship between what we eat and some types of cancer is giving great results. In addition to avoiding alcohol and tobacco or maintaining a weekly exercise routine, we can also benefit from some of the following foods in the fight to prevent it lung cancer. Take the notebook and write down.

1. Cruciferous vegetables

lung cancer

White and red cabbage, cabbage, turnip, Brussels sprouts, or cauliflower. They are easily accessible foods for our economy that work by preventing precancerous cells from turning into malignant tumors. Cruciferous vegetables contain selenium, vitamin C and glucosilonates, which when hydrolyzed in the colon by the microbial flora produce chemopreventive properties related to the inhibition of carcinogens.

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