6 Health benefits of plums that you should know

6 Health benefits of plums that you should know. The plum is an extremely nutritious fruit, with a variety of health benefits to offer. This fruit contains many vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber and antioxidants that can help reduce the risk of various chronic diseases. The plum tree is native to Persia, its season is usually from April to September. They are fruits with a large amount of juicy pulp, covered by a very thin layer of skin, with a sweet citrus flavor, with a small seed or stone in the center.

What are the health benefits of plums?

This small but juicy fruit, having a varied nutritional value, helps fight constipation, fluid retention, contains a laxative effect, improves intestinal transit, in addition to improving other diseases in order to naturally provide its high vitamin content C and other properties. In this sense, we will detail the 6 benefits of plums for your health:

1. Fight constipation

benefits of plums

Prune juice is well known for its ability to fight constipation . This is due to the high amount of fiber in the fruit. They play an important role in preventing constipation by adding bulk to your stool and can speed up the speed with which waste moves through your digestive tract. In addition, prune juice contains sorbitol, which is a sugar alcohol with natural laxative effects.

Note: The fiber provided by the plum fruit to the body is mostly insoluble, which means that it does not mix with water.

So eating plums is much more effective in treating constipation than many other types of laxatives , such as psyllium, which is a type of fiber that is often used to relieve constipation.

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