10 health benefits of omega 3 you should know

10 health benefits of omega 3. Omega 3s are a type of essential fat for the proper functioning of the body. They can be obtained through the consumption of foods of plant and animal origin and their positive effects on health are numerous and important: against fatty liver, heart disease and metabolic syndrome, a better development of the fetus, for sight, etc. .

Health benefits of omega 3

benefits of omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids are a family of essential fatty acids so named because they cannot be synthesized by the human body. They are necessary for vital functions and the only way to obtain them is through food.. In the following article we present the ten main benefits of omega 3 consumption in our body.

1. Reduces metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a set of symptoms that significantly increase the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease According to research data, increasing omega-3 fatty acids reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels , prevents clots in the arteries, and lowers blood pressure.

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