11 Foods to get rid of knee and joint pain naturally

Foods to get rid of knee and joint pain naturally, You probably never realized how dependent you are on your knees until they started to hurt. Chronic knee pain is so difficult to manage precisely because your knees are compromised whether you are standing or sitting, walking or biking, climbing stairs, or trying to find a comfortable position in bed. That’s right, knee pain can ruin your whole day.

Foods to get rid of knee and joint pain naturally

knee and joint pain naturally

Whether it’s arthritis, bursitis, or injury, there are many pain and inflammation remedies that can help get you moving again. Unfortunately, many over-the-counter and prescription drugs come with strong side effects that can overshadow the original complaint.

You might be surprised to learn how much your diet can affect pain levels, especially when it comes to inflammation. We have collected 11 foods that work wonders for knee pain. Incorporating more of them into your daily diet can reduce your dependence on pain relievers and keep you healthier overall.

1. Carrots

Eating carrots for knee pain relief is actually an ancient Chinese remedy. It works because the orange vegetable is packed with beta-carotene and vitamin A, both powerful anti-inflammatory compounds. The secret to enjoying the maximum strength of carrots is to eat them cooked, but if you hate cooked carrots, eating them raw is still good. Try two servings each day to reduce knee pain.

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