5 Worst Foods For Your Brain That Could Impact You

5 Worst Foods For Your Brain That Could Impact You. The brain, as the command center of your body and your personality, is quite essential. Obviously all your thoughts, feelings and memories come from the brain, but it also works very hard even when you think you are not doing anything.

Worst Foods For Your Brain

The brain keeps your heart beating and your lungs breathing, manages motor function and decides what information to process during each moment of your life. So keeping your brain happy and healthy is very important. But how to do it? This is not like we can lift weights with our brains or anything else. Start by omitting or reducing the following five foods in your diet.

1. Aspartame

Worst Foods For Your Brain

What can we do when our brains are crying out for sugar but we are trying to be good? A treat is a real thing. Unfortunately, the answer is not in an artificial sweetener, especially not aspartame.

Although the FDA still considers aspartame to be safe, multiple studies have linked it to cognitive and behavioral problems. One study showed that just 8 days of a high-aspartame diet resulted in participants scoring lower on mental tests, and they also felt more irritable and depressed than normal.

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