The 5 best applications to invest in Forex

best applications to invest in Forex. If an investor wants to operate in the financial markets through the internet, it is essential that they have a trading platform (you can read our post on the best trading platforms . It is the key work tool, and you can operate from your computer.

In addition, to access the markets from this desktop version, there is another alternative, they are specialized trading applications . A version of these platforms designed to operate from a device, either from the mobile or from the tablet.

Here are some of the best applications to invest in Forex:

applications to invest in Forex


Our favorite application. It’s free and available for Android, iOS, and Windows. It is intuitive, simple and easy to use. It keeps you informed about the financial news of the markets and allows you to interact with other followers in real time. It allows self-copying to other traders, and has multiple payment methods available. as well as operate and invest in more than 950 of the main instruments in the world, from currencies to futures, commodities, stocks, ETFs, indices, precious metals, energies and cryptocurrencies, etc.


It is free and available for Android, iOS and Windows. It is quite popular as it is a safe and reliable broker. It is simple, intuitive, versatile and functional, although the graphics are not interactive. It offers a wide range of instruments to trade with, and trades are managed from one tab.


It’s free and available for Android, iOS, and Windows. Use innovative technology and a simple and accessible interface, with personalized notifications, and choose the best traders to copy or follow your strategies. In addition, it allows you to invest in CFD stocks, commodities, currencies, indices … as well as investment strategies with CopyPortfolios.

MetaTrader 5

It is free and available for Android, iOS and Windows. As in the previous applications, it allows you to receive updated notifications from the market and has an integrated support chat. It has an accessible and easy-to-use interface. It allows trading with MT4 and automatic trading, and provides access to thousands of markets.

XTB xStation

It’s free and available for Android, iOS, and Windows. It is also a regulated and licensed broker and is more geared towards experienced traders. It stands out for its dynamic graphics system and for the multitude of technical analysis tools it offers. It allows full access to Forex, stock index, commodities, CFDs …, as well as receiving alerts and notifications from the market in real time.

These applications have multiple advantages. Among them we find that they can be accessed immediately, faster and at any time, they are easier to use and more flexible, and you can also access the financial markets in real time from anywhere.

In general, they meet almost all the functionalities offered by trading platforms. We opted for the NAGA application for its versatility, ease and accessibility, it is everything that the web platform but adapted to the screen that fits in your pocket.

Choosing one or the other depends on the platform with which you are working, with which you feel most comfortable and that best suits your needs and your financial goals. Of course, do not forget to choose a broker that is regulated, safe and trustworthy. And above all, that you have a good network connection.

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