8 Benefits of spinach that you should know

8 Benefits of spinach that you should know. Spinach is an edible leafy vegetable, low in calories and fat, with a high amount of nutritional properties and benefits. It is easily perishable and susceptible to alterations in its nutrient content.

Depending on its nutritional contribution and biological quality, spinach confer several benefits to the health of its consumers. They will be mentioned and described below to allow their recognition and use.

1. They strengthen the immune system

Benefits of spinach

Due to its content of micronutrients and antioxidants, spinach can benefit the consumer by strengthening their immune system, thus allowing an increase in the production of defenses and the speed of response to any external agent.

To highlight: Among the antioxidants present in spinach, lutein and zeaxanthin stand out, which are precisely dedicated to the functionality of the immune system and the protection of the red blood cells of our body, in addition to protecting against oxidative deterioration.

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