5 Things you should not do in home cosmetics

5 Things you should not do in home cosmetics. If you are a fan of home cosmetics, you may have forgotten to follow some simple rules. However, forgetting these tips could be catastrophic for the health of your skin.

The best thing you can do when making cosmetics at home is to use good quality raw materials. Then you must use the correct amounts for each ingredient. After that, don’t forget these 5 things you shouldn’t do:

Get in the sun

home cosmetics

When you put a mask or something natural on your skin, avoid exposing yourself to the sun during that time. You may have thought that the sun can dry the mask faster! This will save you time, but it turns out that the sun can also degrade the nature of the product that you put on your skin. The end result will be that you will end up with some burns and stains ! Therefore, it is always better to stay in the shade during the exposure time of a natural product that you put on your face.

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